Smart Stedenbouw

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In the light of the technologization and digitalization we're going through at the moment, we recognize the need to rethink urban design. Thanks to the internet, we can be anywhere we want. Thus changing the needs of a city's citizens. Additionally, smart city applications in public space raise questions regarding privacy and ownership.

What is the goal of the project?

We want to give guidelines for the urban developers. Technology ís changing the city, but how? How can you design for it? And with it? What are the possibilities? And the threats? These are the questions we want answered.

What is the result of the project?

We have three end products: a book with the lessons learned, the guidelines for the professionals. A toolbox with technical means for the urban professional. And some practical cases showcasing the possibilities.

Who initiated the project and which organizations are involved?

Initiator is the Future City Foundation. Involved organizations: AM, Amsterdam Smart City, BNSP, Civity, DHM Infra, ELBA\REC, Gemeente Apeldoorn, Gemeente Krimpen aan den Ijssel, Kadaster, Ministerie BZK, NVTL, Provincie Utrecht, Provincie Zuid-Holland, Stichting Digitale Bereikbaarheid, EBU, Ekelmans Meijer Advocaten, ESRI, gemeente Alphen ad Rijn, Gemeente Amersfoort,
Gemeente Amsterdam, gemeente Enschede, Gemeente Sittard-Geleen, VodafoneZiggo

What is the next step?

Exploring all sides of urban design: the philosophy behind it, the technological means, the juridical means, the design practices, and the public administration. By organising a seminar per subject.