Dissertation Topics Around Smart Cities

Hello guys, I am seriously needing help in framing a topic for myself. I am currently a MSc Risk student at Durham University. I have always been interested in smart cities and urban analytics in relation to flooding. I will also like to expand on my selected topic for my PhD. Thanks in anticipation for your help.


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peter durojaye

Hello Grace, thank you for this. I have not started the dissertation yet, just trying to bring my idea together. Thanks.

Grace Davidosn

Hi Peter I hope your dissertation is going well, I don't know how far you have progressed since your post, so you may already know what you are writing on. I am also currently writing dissertation, and have formed my question by choosing a city important to me and seeing how it could improve in relation to my area of interest. I'm looking at urban greening, but if you were to do this with smart cities, you could use case studies of other projects such as the Amsterdam smart city or Milton Keynes (only 2 I know of, though I'm sure you'll know many more) and see how their efforts could be applied in another location. The other benefit I have found of relating it to a city you know is that you can talk to people locally about their opinions and knowledge, and you will have an understanding of the potential challenges in that location.
I hope everything goes well with your dissertation work, it sounds very interesting