Respondents needed: surveys for homeowners, VvE presidents and property managers

Hello! Urbytus ( is a startup taking part in Startupbootcamp Smart City and IoT.
We would really appreciate some help with surveys regarding experiences either as homeowners, community presidents or professional property managers in residential community associations (VvE).

For homeowners:

For VvE presidents and property managers

Thanks in advance!


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Jaime San Martin

Hello Nancy,
Thanks for getting in touch.
We are trying to validate the need for homeowners one one end, and for community presidents and property managers on the other, to change management practices in residential communities. The idea is to incentivise residents to complete some maintenance tasks themselves and to automate others.
We plan to implement upgrades to our current software based on the real needs of users.
Hope this helps.

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Nancy Zikken

Hi Jaime, thanks for the question! Could you please explain why you need the information? :)