Tech Talent – A Changing Tech Landscape, New strategies to attract and maintain tech talent

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As we all know, the tech industry is changing at a fast pace. Big tech parties, including Microsoft, Meta, HP, Spotify, and Amazon, have been laying off workers by the thousands in the last months. What lies behind the wave of layoffs? Is it a correction for the exponential growth of recent years or are there other underlying factors?

Despite the recent layoffs in the tech industry human capital remains one of the most important factors for the growth of tech companies and there is still a great demand for tech talent. Employees still have the luxury to choose from offers from multiple tech companies. Employees are increasingly making decisions about their careers based on the impact and the sustainable strategy of their future employer rather than the salary or bonuses they will receive. Other relevant factors are the ability to influence the policy of the company and to create a positive impact on society and on well-being instead of merely helping the company achieve its revenue targets.

In this tech table, we have gathered tech specialists from Sweden and the Netherlands to discuss which lessons the recent development in the tech sector can be learned.  Are you as an employee a good fit for the company and is the company as an employer a good fit for you? Labor has gotten a lot more expensive, and companies have to hire the best, but is that enough?  Companies also have to rethink how they reskill and upskill their teams. People are the most important factor for a company’s growth. How to find the right people and which strategies do you need to build stronger, more innovative, and inspiring teams, How to maintain and attract new tech talent?