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Anne Lieke Vonk, Scale-up Community Lead at DutchBasecamp, posted

Go-to-Market Programme: Germany | manufacturing & logistics

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Do you represent a scale-up with a proven solution for #manufacturing and #logistics? Are you looking to successfully conquer the German market and want introductions to Mittelstand companies?

We are proud to launch a unique online programme dedicated to your successful market entry.

What to expect?
• Fully demand-driven
• Local knowledge, local network
• Founder to founder learning
• Curated matchmaking based on your client base
• Validate your Go-to-Market strategy

Interested? Apply now to be selected via:
Deadline: May 7

Anne Lieke Vonk's picture Online event from Apr 30th to May 14th
Anne Lieke Vonk, Scale-up Community Lead at DutchBasecamp, posted

Scale-up trade mission to Munich

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Join DutchBasecamp’s unique scale-up trade mission to Munich. This mission is meant for promising scale-ups with B2B solutions for German corporates in manufacturing. It is geared towards getting you meaningful meetings with your potential clients. No focus on verticals, but focus on your customer.

For who?
You represent a (tech) scale-up from the Netherlands. You have ≥ 25% revenue growth year on year in the past 3 years. There is market acceptance of your solution on the Dutch market. The Netherlands is too small for you, you have international ambitions. Your international strategy focusses on the German market and your solution is adapted, or easily adaptable, to the German market.

Participation fee: €997,50 excl. VAT (using an RVO mission voucher, without voucher: €1995) for two participants. Extra participant is €500 excl. VAT up to maximum of three participants. Travel and accommodation costs are not included

For further info on registering and requirements, see our website.

Anne Lieke Vonk's picture Event from Mar 24th to Mar 26th
Anne Lieke Vonk, Scale-up Community Lead at DutchBasecamp, posted

Scale-up trade mission to Berlin

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Would you like to expose large organisations like Siemens, Innogy, Bosch Software Innovations, Volkswagen or Schindler to your innovative digital service or product? Check out our scale-up trade mission to Berlin end of October. Check whether you meet the criteria and apply to be selected via the link. Don't read Dutch? Don't worry, we've got you covered, just get in touch with Anne Lieke Vonk ( or anyone at DutchBasecamp. Organised together with the RVO and the Dutch Embassy in Berlin.
#berlin #scaleup #trademission #meetyourcustomer

Anne Lieke Vonk's picture Event from Oct 28th to Oct 30th