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Cristina Albesa, International Business Consultant at Integra Innovation, posted

CLTV Demo Week

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Are you wondering for how long will users and customers be with you?

INTEGRA is using Artificial Intelligence to move customer-oriented companies in the Netherlands to the next level of digitalisation with CLTV, a system to measure user experience and analyse customers’ behaviour.

Although Key Customer Indicators have been historically related to banks, finance and insurance companies, there is a growing number of companies from other sectors such as media, telecommunications, e-commerce, NGO's and even the public sector, among others, demanding them.

During this DEMO Week, our AI & Data Team will be delighted to show you the power of this tool.

Do you want to know how to increase your sales with CLTV? What is the information your company will get from CLTV?

Just send an email to <> and we will ve delighted to show you a quick DEMO!

Cristina Albesa's picture Online event from Oct 11th to Oct 15th
Cristina Albesa, International Business Consultant at Integra Innovation, posted

DoQRead Summer Pills

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Text transformation and entity identification features support part of business processes.
Willing to find a solution to identify, extract, understand, classify and integrate texts by analysing images in documents such as orders, despatch notes or mortgages, among others, INTEGRA has developed DoQRead. With DoQRead you will take advantage of Artificial Intelligence progress to reach and cover all needs of every department in your company and organisation.

If you feel like hearing more, you are in luck! We will be glad to show you in a 30 minutes demo how DoQRead can be essential from now on to your company and organisation.
Just write to this email ( and we will contact you.

Cristina Albesa's picture Online event from Aug 22nd to Sep 14th