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Designing responsible digital cities #1

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Our life is increasingly driven by digital technology. The promises of technology are great: cities become greener and more livable, more effective health care and more accessible education. The digital society also raises important questions for public officers, companies, scientists and citizens. Is the use of data and algorithms manageable? Does the digital revolution benefit everyone equally? Does digital technology really gives us a better understanding of the world around us?

The discussion in this area, both nationally as within the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA), is relatively small. Regional stakeholders do not find each other easily yet. To accelerate developments relating to the 'responsible digital city', the Amsterdam Economic Board will organize a tripartite meeting series. In this series philosophers, ethicists, employers, governments, service providers, research institutions and technology partners are challenged to co-create a manifesto that will be presented at the City Fest, 22-26 November.

For more information on this event visit the Amsterdam Economic Board's website (in Dutch).

Participation in this event is by invention only. Would you like to join the event, please contact: events@amecboard.com

Piet Huppelstaart's picture Event on Apr 20th
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Unleashing Innovations in Smart City & IoT 2017

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Welcome to Amsterdam-the European Capital of Innovation for 2016 and a cultural and innovation hub. At this summit you will understand the impact IoT has on Smart Cities and how the areas we live in are quickly and effectively changing. Unleashing Innovation in Smart City and IoT brings in 85% corporate and city leaders and only 15% solution providers to ensure problem solving and create a discussion. We aim to bridge the gap between information inequalities within the IoT ecosytem.

The goal of this conference is to bring together cross-industry leaders to discuss and share the latest innovations in utilising IoT technology and data to elevate the culture and future of smart cities. We aim to focus on strategies behind making a true smart city using technologies based on need instead of want.

With over 100 like­-minded strategy leaders joining us in Amsterdam for this event there will be many opportunities for both structured and informal networking. Bringing together experienced and future innovation leaders, we are proud to be developing this event together with bold, forward-thinking companies and speakers who are as excited as we are about groundbreaking approaches to innovation.

Piet Huppelstaart's picture Event from Mar 30th to Mar 31st
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Last Friday's Round-Up

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Data are a key asset to smart cities, so we dived into Amsterdam Smart City´s data set and did some research on the most popular projects added in February. These projects were added by Amsterdam Smart City’s community members.

Data are a key asset to smart cities, so we dived into Amsterdam Smart City´s data set and did some research on the most popular projects added in February. These projects were added by Amsterdam Smart City’s community members, who make Amsterdam a smarter and future proof city every day. Do you have an innovative project that the community should know about? Please add and share your project to the community.

1. The Peaceful Citizen Stress is the most common occupational disease in the Netherlands and probably throughout the world. The peaceful citizen project detects stress by using smart phone sensors. Based on code from the Oxford Universities Center for Evidence Based Medicine the Peaceful Citizen project aims at reducing stress with specific mindfulness techniques. Chill out and share this project.

2. Movby
An attitude change to consumption has taken place recent years with the upcoming of the sharing economy or collaborative consumption. Movby’s objective is to connect people with local ride owners to share their transport means. By providing an online platform ride owners and potential ride renters can meet each other even when they are geographically dispersed. Interested in this project? Visit Movby’s project page and spread the word.

3. Toogethr
In 2016 there was a 12% growth in traffic jams, in 2015 that growth was even bigger (20%). One solution for this problem is ridesharing. Toogethr, a Dutch startup, developed a platform for ridesharing that removes all traditional barriers. By automatically matching colleagues to each other based on a set of variables, ridesharing becomes fun and easy. This project recently won The Hague 2017 Innovators public prize. Beat traffic jams and visit this project’s page.

4. Smart Port of Amsterdam The Port of Amsterdam is one of the biggest ports in Europe, every day bulk carriers that lie to deep for IJmuiden’s locks transfer their load onto smaller ships. Using sensors to improve shipping movement and optimizing rigging schedules is this project’s aim. Unlike human beings sensors work 24/7 and the data they provide is used to optimize the human part of the job. Shorter and faster rigging was the result of this project and we are curious to see what their results will be in the future. Check this project and see what you can learn from using sensory data.

5. Electronic park sign
Many tourist visit Amsterdam by coach however, parking space is limited in Amsterdam’s historic center. The electronic parking project has found a solution, a parking sign that communicates with the coach drivers. The sign is activated when a coach stops at the parking zone and clock starts counting down as an indicator for the driver when to depart. Also the signs are able to provide information to the drivers for optimizing their route. Do you know a sport where these signs are an absolute necessity? Check out this project and contact the owners.

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Kick-off conference Commit2Data

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Dutch Digital Delta organizes a kick-off conference for scientists and companies who are looking for partners on big data innovation.

Pitches will be held on themes like: Energy, Smart Industry, Health and Data Handling. There is time to speed date with scientists, companies and entrepreneurs and you can engage in a conversation with TNO.

Check out the event for more information.

Piet Huppelstaart's picture Event on Apr 19th
Piet Huppelstaart, posted

Launch Amsterdam School of Data Science

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The School is an initiative of Amsterdam Data Science, a partnership between CWI, HvA, UvA and VU. Currently, these institutes offer over 200 courses and programmes in Data Science related study – and the idea is to further intensify the cooperation to be able to cope with the huge demand for Data Science talent worldwide.

The launch event will be opened by Kajsa Ollongren, Deputy Mayor of Amsterdam. Part of the launch event will be a mini-conference on “The Future Of Data Science Education”.

15:00 Opening by Kajsa Ollongren, Alderman City of Amsterdam and Marc Salomon on behalf of Amsterdam School of Data Science
15:10 School and Objectives by Maarten de Rijke, Director Amsterdam Data Science
15:20 “The Future of Data Science Learning” by Natasha Sachs, Regional Manager Europe Coursera and Doug Kelly, Data Science Vertical Expert Coursera
15:40 Panel: “The Future of Data Science Learning & People Development”
• Karin Dekker, Team Manager Analytics Belastingdienst
• Sacco van de Velde, Partner Ebbinge
• Kim Verhaaf, Global Head Advanced Analytics ING Bank
• Bart Voorn, Lead HR Analytics Ahold Delhaize
• Moderator: Marc Salomon
16:00 Official Launch by Ger Baron, CTO City of Amsterdam
16:10 Drinks
17:00 Close

Piet Huppelstaart's picture Event on Mar 24th
Piet Huppelstaart, posted

Responsible Data Science in Law & Computer Science

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On March 16th Responsible Data Science (RDS) will organize their monthly lecture on responsible data science. RDS is a joint collaborative from 11 knowledge institutions across the Netherlands.

16:00-16:05 Introduction and overview on Responsible Data Science
16:05-16:30 Speaker 1: Linnet Taylor, Assistant Professor, Tilburg Law School
16:30-16:55 Speaker 2: Joost Kok, Scientific Director of the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science, Leiden University
16:55-17:00 Wrap-up
17:00 – Networking and drinks
17:30 – Close

Piet Huppelstaart's picture Event on Mar 16th