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AMS Institute is a young institute for applied technology and urban design, founded by TU Delft, Wageningen University & Research and MIT. In this Amsterdam based public-private institute, talent is educated and engineers, designers, digital engineers and natural/social scientists jointly develop and valorise interdisciplinary metropolitan solutions. Our aim is to find answers to the urban challenges of sustainability and quality of life, including resource and food security, mobility and logistics, water and waste management, and health and wellbeing.


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AMS Institute, Re-inventing the city (urban innovation) at AMS Institute, posted

Workshop Imaginary Dialogues: Looking for Participants!

Featured image

Hello everyone 😊 I am an intern at AMS Institute collaborating with Sitong Luo on her research at the Leftover Greenfield Lab.

I am looking for participants available to be part of my upcoming workshop, where we will connect with living beings beyond humans, and getting creative with our imagination. If you enjoy being out in greenspaces and/or would like to give a voice to the voiceless, you are more than welcome to join.

📅 June 13th and 14th
⏰ 11:00 - 11:45
📍meet at the second floor of AMS Research Institute building or at the informal greenspace right outside of it.

#nature #greenfieldlab #stewardship #liftingvoices #natureiscalling

If you plan to join, feel free to let me know and spread the word.

Contact 📱: +31 613507959

Best regards,
Érica Santos

AMS Institute's picture Request
AMS Institute, Re-inventing the city (urban innovation) at AMS Institute, posted

Pretotyping Techniques: Testing Ideas Faster & Smarter

Featured image

Welcome To Our Open Entrepreneurship Events

AMS Institute is excited to announce the third of many exclusive online workshops & masterclasses aimed at offering zero-cost, high value, practical knowledge to first-time entrepreneurs and innovation professionals.
Join us on June 11th for a workshop led by Hesam Panahi director of strategic initiatives and startup programs at Rice University's Liu Idea Lab for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, to discover how pretotyping (no, that’s not a typo :) can help you test your ideas faster and smarter, so that you can minimize the risk of building something no one wants!
Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur with a running business or someone who is exploring the possibility of working on an idea, you'll walk away with a methodology to structure your own pretotypes and put them to the test.

About the workshop

Most new products and businesses fail - even if competently executed.
In this interactive workshop, we'll focus on pretotyping, a methodology developed by Alberto Savoia as part of his work at Google, Stanford, and companies ranging from small startups to multinational organizations. Hesam has applied this methodology in his work with hundrends of students, startups, and entrepreneurs at Rice University so far, enabling them to rapidly validate their ideas and pivot quickly based on real-world feedback, thus increasing their chances of future success in highly competitive markets.
In this hands-on workshop Hesam will explore the key aspects of pretotyping, show you how it is different from prototyping, share examples of pretotyping techniques, and offer ways that you can leverage pretotyping in your work. He'll focus on best practices for testing out new ideas with little to no resources and making sure you're building the right it before you build it.

Workshop structure:

  • Why pretotype and how can pretotyping help me?: An introduction to pretotyping, collecting valuable data to get "skin in the game", pretotyping examples and techniques you can use.
  • Try it: Get to work with a hands on exercise to take a new idea & come up with ways to pretotype it.
  • Debrief and Q&A: Group discussion, debrief, and Q&A.

Register Now!

Join us on June 11th to discover how to test your ideas effectively and ensure you’re investing in the right projects.
Reserve your spot now by securing your free ticket here:

AMS Institute's picture Masterclass / workshop on Jun 11th
AMS Institute, Re-inventing the city (urban innovation) at AMS Institute, posted

Join AMS Institute's Scientific Conference, hosted by TU Delft, Wageningen University & Research, MIT and the City of Amsterdam.

Featured image

Do you want to learn from and network with the best researchers and scientists working to tackle pressing urban challenges?
AMS Institute, is organizing the AMS Scientific Conference from April 23-25 at the Marineterrein, Amsterdam, to address pressing urban challenges. The event is organized in collaboration with the City of Amsterdam.
The conference brings together leading institutions in urban research and innovation, thought leaders, municipalities, researchers, and practitioners to explore innovative solutions for sustainable development in Amsterdam and other global cities. 
Keynotes, research workshops, learning tracks, and special sessions will explore the latest papers in the fields of mobility, circularity, energy transition, climate adaptation, urban food systems, digitization, diversity, inclusion, living labs experimentation, and transdisciplinary research.
Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights into cutting-edge research and engage in meaningful discussions with leading experts in their field. You can see the full program and all available sessions here.
This year's theme is 'Blueprints for messy cities? Navigating the interplay of order and messiness'. 
The program
Day 1: The good, the bad, and the ugly
Keynotes by Paul Behrens of Leiden University and Elin Andersdotter Fabre of UN-Habitat will be followed by a city panel including climate activist <strong>Hannah Prins</strong>. The first day concludes with a dinner at the Koepelkerk in Amsterdam: you're welcome to join our three-course meal with a 50 euro ticket.
Day 2️: Amazing discoveries
Keynotes by Carlo Ratti of MIT and Sacha Stolp of the Municipality of Amsterdam discuss innovation and research in cities. <strong>Corinne Vigreux</strong>, co-founder of TomTom, and Erik Versnel from Rabobank will participate in the city panel.
Day 3️: We are the city
Keynotes by Paul Chatterton of Leeds University and Victor Neequaye Kotey Deputy Director of the Waste Management Department of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, Ghana. They discuss how we shape the future of our cities together. This will be followed by a city panel including Ria Braaf-Fränkel of WomenMakeTheCity and prof. dr. Aleid Brouwer of the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.
To buy tickets: You can secure your conference tickets through our website.
Dinner tickets: On April 23 we’re hosting a dinner at the Koepelkerk in Amsterdam. Tickets for this can be added to your conference pass or bought separately. 

AMS Institute's picture #Mobility
AMS Institute, Re-inventing the city (urban innovation) at AMS Institute, posted

AMS Scientific Conference: Reinventing the City - Blueprints for messy cities?

Featured image

Reinventing the City Conference, April 23-25, 2024, Amsterdam. The ticket sale has started! Purchase your ticket and be part of this amazing event!

Join us for the Reinventing the City conference, where we will explore sustainable urban transformations on a metropolitan scale. Scientists, policymakers, students, and industry partners will come together to share insights, inspire action, and shape the future of our cities.

Purchase your ticket here

About the conference
The AMS Scientific Conference (AMS Conference) explores and discusses how cities can transform themselves to become more livable, resilient and sustainable while offering economic stability. Cities are innovation hubs, where an increasing number of people live, work, recreate, interact, and care. The urban fabric is where major transitions take place, catalyzing advancements in mobility, circularity, renewable energy, climate adaptation, urban food systems and digitization. Precisely for these reasons, our cities set the agenda for improving the livability and sustainability of our world.

Cultivating transformation
To foster improved urban environments, we need scientific and societal insights into our complex urban systems, into how natural and social processes are interconnected and reach tipping points, into the good, the bad and the ugly of our cities. We need amazing discoveries, technical and social innovations to transform the ugly, leave the bad behind and reach for the good. And most of all, we need to make the city together, because WE are the city.

Theme of this year

In this second edition of “Reinventing the City”, the overarching theme will be ‘Blueprints for messy cities? Navigating the interplay of order and complexity'. In three captivating days, we will explore ‘The good, the bad, and the ugly’ (day 1), ‘Amazing discoveries’ (day 2) and ‘We are the city’ (day 3).

Day 1: 'The good, the bad, and the ugly'
The first day of the AMS Conference primarily focuses on the messiness: the various aspects of urban development and innovation. "The good" refers to success stories and positive developments in cities. "The bad" relates to challenges and issues that cities face, and "the ugly" pertains to less attractive aspects of urban development. This theme explores how cities, both in terms of space and users, evolve in both positive and negative ways.
Day 2: 'Amazing discoveries'
The second day of the conference concentrates on pioneering research and innovations, both technical and social, in the field of urban renewal and sustainability. Here, we ask participants to present and discuss new and exciting discoveries that have a positive impact on urban areas. We focus on areas such as mobility, food, circularity, energy, climate resilience, and smart data.
Day 3: 'WE are the city'
This theme emphasizes that the people living and working in cities play an essential role in urban renewal and development. This can involve community engagement, citizen participation, public-private partnerships, and the importance of involving all stakeholders in the city. Only together can we create livable and inclusive cities.

mobility | circularity | energy transition | climate adaptation | urban food systems | digitization | diversity | inclusion | living labs | transdisciplinary research

Registration Options

  • Full Conference Access: Immerse yourself in the entire event, spanning three captivating days, each dedicated to a distinct theme:
    • Day 1: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
    • Day 2: Amazing Discoveries
    • Day 3: We Are the City
  • Single-Day Access: If your schedule is tight, you can opt for a single-day pass to attend the day that interests you the most.
  • Student Access: To encourage student participation in our conference, we offer exclusive student rates. Universities often provide funding opportunities to support students in attending conferences like ours. We encourage students to explore the available funds and grants at their respective universities. It's a great way to help offset the costs of your participation. Please note that student passes are available to currently enrolled students with valid student IDs.

Conference Fees

  • Full Conference Pass: €650,-
  • Single-Day Pass: €150,-
  • Student Full Conference pass: €200,-
AMS Institute's picture Conference from Apr 23rd to Apr 25th
AMS Institute, Re-inventing the city (urban innovation) at AMS Institute, posted

AMS Conference: Final call for submissions & keynote speaker announcement

Featured image

We're thrilled to share another round of exciting updates on the AMS Conference (April 23-24, 2024). As a quick reminder, the submission deadline has been extended to November 14th, providing you with an opportunity to be a contributor to this multi-dimensional event celebrating urban innovation and sustainability. Submit your abstract, workshop, or special session here 👉
🎙️ Meet our keynote speaker: Charles Montgomery
We are honored to introduce Charles Montgomery, an award-winning author and urbanist, named one of the 100 most influential urbanists in the world by Planetizen magazine in 2023. Charles Montgomery leads transformative experiments, research, and interventions globally to enhance human well-being in cities.
His acclaimed book, Happy City, Transforming Our Lives Through Urban Design, explores the intersection between urban design and the emerging science of happiness. His presentation at the AMS Conference, "Your city should be a trust machine," delves into the critical role of trust in human happiness and societal success. As the world grapples with a trust deficit, Charles Montgomery shares insights drawn from over a decade of using lessons from behavioral science and psychology to turn cities into better social machines.
🚀 Don't miss your chance to contribute to the future of cities! For more details about submissions and to submit your abstract, workshop, and/or special session, visit our conference website 👉

AMS Institute's picture #CircularCity
AMS Institute, Re-inventing the city (urban innovation) at AMS Institute, posted

AMS Conference 2024: Call for abstracts and special sessions

Featured image

We invite you to contribute to the conference "Reinventing the City 2024 - Blueprints for messy cities?"

Deadline to submissions: November 14, 2023
Notification of acceptance: December 14, 2023
submit here>>

The AMS Scientific Conference (AMS Conference) explores and discusses how cities can transform themselves to become more livable, resilient and sustainable while offering economic stability. In the second edition of “Reinventing the City” (23-25 April 2024), the overarching theme will be <em>"</em>Blueprints for messy cities? Navigating the interplay of order and complexity'. In three captivating days, we will explore 'The good, the bad, and the ugly' (day 1), 'Amazing discoveries' (day 2) and 'We are the city' (day 3).

Call for abstracts
The AMS Conference seeks to engage scientists, policymakers, students, industry partners, and everyone working with and on cities from different backgrounds and areas of expertise. We therefore invite you to submit your scientific paper abstract, idea for a workshop or special session with us. Submissions should be dedicated to exploring the theme ‘Blueprints for messy cities?’. We especially invite young, urban rebels to raise their voice, as they are the inhabitants of our future cities.

Our scientific committee responsible for the content of the conference program will assess all submissions and select a final program of contributions. Notification of acceptance will follow before 1 December 2023.

mobility | circularity | energy transition | climate adaptation | urban food systems | digitization | diversity | inclusion | living labs | transdisciplinary research

We invite academics, industry partners, and professionals from all ages engaged in the related fields of urban design, governance, architecture, data science, engineering and/or sociology to submit an abstract for a conference presentation of your scientific paper (250-450 words).

If you have a workshop proposal, please outline its purpose, the specific knowledge, techniques, or practices it covers, its objectives and learning outcomes, teaching strategies and resources, target audience, and any prerequisites, including the required level of experience (250-450 words).

Next to scientific papers and workshops, we encourage you to submit different types of special sessions. These special sessions can include interactive forums, excursions, or practical demonstrations, depending on the subject and objectives. When submitting your proposal for a special session, we ask you to clearly highlight the session's objectives, expected collaborators (if applicable), the intended audience, and the type of session. Please also indicate whether you prefer an online or in-person format. Please note that you will be responsible for the content and organization of the session (250-450 words).

Submit here>>

Click here to visit the event page and find more information on details about the Scientific Conference.

AMS Institute's picture #Energy
Ioannis Ioannidis, Entrepreneurship Lead at AMS Institute, posted

AMS Startup Booster 2023 - Call for applications is open until Oct 1st.

Featured image


Call for applications is open until Oct 1st. The program will last from mid-Oct 2023 until Feb 2024.


The AMS Startup Booster is a business idea development and validation program hosted by AMS Institute, aiming to help aspiring entrepreneurs turn their gut feeling into a business. The entrepreneurs are expected to pursue an impact-driven startup in the field of urban tech.

Lasting over 3 months, the AMS Startup Booster 2023 will start on Oct 2023 and run until Feb 2024. The program will be mainly physical at the AMS Institute (Marineterrein, Amsterdam) and is most effective when all teams are fully committed so during the aforementioned time period there is a minimum requirement of 10 hours per week for each startup.


The curriculum consists of more than 30 workshops, masterclasses and 1on1s focusing on customer discovery and problem-solution fit.

During our workshops the following topics will be addressed:

  • Market Research Fundamentals & Problem Definition
  • Market Segmentation & Customer Personas
  • Customer Discovery
  • Value Proposition & Business Model Design
  • MVP Design & Prototyping
  • Experiment Design
  • Pitching

In addition, our complimentary masterclasses will cover topics such as Team Fit & Alignment, Marketing & Branding, IP Rights, Finance & Funding, and many more.

Finally, peer-to-peer sessions and 1-on-1 mentoring by successful entrepreneurs and C-level professionals in your industry will complete the free services we offer to the selected startups. In total, the startups will get a 360 entrepreneurship curriculum consisting of more than 30 workshops & masterclasses.

Demo Day: Pitch and win prizes during the 'finals'

We close off the program with a Demo Day during which the teams showcase their business ideas and prototypes to a broad audience of experts, investors and entrepreneurs and compete for a list of amazing prizes! Prizes include:

  • A 5000 euros feasibility grant for 1 team
  • Guidance on the design of your feasibility experiment in the Marineterrein Living Lab
  • Access to follow-up programs & funding opportunities
  • Additional customer discovery sessions
  • Continuous coaching & mentoring
  • Office Space & Makerspace
  • Promo material & access to a large network

In addition, connections with other programs and potential investors will be made.

For whom?

With batch #6 we're on the hunt for dynamic teams or individuals with a passion for tackling #urban_challenges head-on. It's the perfect platform for #students who've hatched a brilliant idea during their studies or #researchers eager to make a tangible, lasting impact with their work.


Apply for the AMS Startup Booster via this form. Applications should be submitted <strong>no later than Oct 1st</strong>.

Ioannis Ioannidis's picture #CircularCity
Responsible Sensing Lab, posted

Call for proposals: Responsible Solutions in the Smart City

Featured image

Do you have an innovative idea to tackle ethical challenges in the smart city? We offer financial support and resources to transform your concept into a tangible prototype in the vibrant city of Amsterdam.

Deadline: September 14

The Need for Practical Examples of Value Design

Amsterdam increasingly harnesses the power of digital technologies like sensors, platforms, and algorithms to efficiently manage and maintain various aspects of city life. Think about traffic, public spaces, law and order.

At the same time, implementing digital technologies may lead to unintended side effects for citizens and can compromise public values. Ensuring responsible and ethical practices becomes imperative. The city has embraced the TADA values since 2016. Also it states that transparency, understandability, human dignity, autonomy, and privacy, are guiding principles for smart city solutions. So, what does this look like concretely?

Today, we still lack practical examples of how these values can be effectively designed and integrated into smart city systems.

Who We're Seeking

We are actively looking for TU Delft academics who can offer fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to bridge the gap between public values and smart city technology. If you are passionate about shaping responsible solutions and have expertise in the digital technology domain, we invite you to join us.

What's in it for You

Participating in our Call for Proposals offers a range of benefits tailored to your academic journey:

  • Academic Research Opportunities: Through prototyping, your research can gain new dimensions, opening doors to potential publications and enhancing your academic profile;
  • Partnership with the City of Amsterdam: Successful proposals may lead to partnerships with the City of Amsterdam, providing a unique opportunity to test your solution and measure its impact in a real-world context;
  • Consortium Building: Your participation in this Call for Proposals can be a significant step toward forming a consortium for future grant applications, leveraging the collective expertise of various stakeholders;
  • Professional Support: If selected, you will receive support from a Responsible Sensing Lab (RSL) producer, who will guide you in prototyping and testing your idea.

The Winning Proposal

The winning proposal will receive a budget to prototype their concept with the assistance of a Responsible Sensing Lab (RSL) producer. This includes the production of a prototype as well as communication materials such as a short movie, animation, and professional photoshoot. Once the prototype is completed, we will facilitate your introduction to the relevant department at the municipality of Amsterdam for the presentation of your idea.

The prizes for the competition are as follows:

First prize: A production budget of 20,000 euros

Second prize: A production budget of 10,000 euros

Furthermore, winners will receive collaboration support with the city of Amsterdam and assistance in producing communication materials for their solution/prototype. The allocated budget can be utilized to hire a design agency, prototyping firm, software developer, or other relevant professionals. The RSL producer will work in collaboration with you to manage the budget effectively.

About Us

Responsible Sensing Lab is dedicated to envisioning, designing, and testing alternative versions of digital technology in cities based on public values. While we have primarily focused on privacy and transparency, we are eager to explore the practical implementation of other values in smart city technology. Our portfolio boasts several successful prototypes, and we are excited to embark on new collaborations that push the boundaries of responsible sensing practices.

Responsible Sensing Lab is initiated by the City of Amsterdam and AMS Institute. For this Call for Proposals we collaborate closely with TU Delft.

Responsible Sensing Lab's picture Opportunity