Pretotyping Techniques: Testing Ideas Faster & Smarter

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Welcome To Our Open Entrepreneurship Events

AMS Institute is excited to announce the third of many exclusive online workshops & masterclasses aimed at offering zero-cost, high value, practical knowledge to first-time entrepreneurs and innovation professionals.
Join us on June 11th for a workshop led by Hesam Panahi director of strategic initiatives and startup programs at Rice University's Liu Idea Lab for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, to discover how pretotyping (no, that’s not a typo :) can help you test your ideas faster and smarter, so that you can minimize the risk of building something no one wants!
Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur with a running business or someone who is exploring the possibility of working on an idea, you'll walk away with a methodology to structure your own pretotypes and put them to the test.

About the workshop

Most new products and businesses fail - even if competently executed.
In this interactive workshop, we'll focus on pretotyping, a methodology developed by Alberto Savoia as part of his work at Google, Stanford, and companies ranging from small startups to multinational organizations. Hesam has applied this methodology in his work with hundrends of students, startups, and entrepreneurs at Rice University so far, enabling them to rapidly validate their ideas and pivot quickly based on real-world feedback, thus increasing their chances of future success in highly competitive markets.
In this hands-on workshop Hesam will explore the key aspects of pretotyping, show you how it is different from prototyping, share examples of pretotyping techniques, and offer ways that you can leverage pretotyping in your work. He'll focus on best practices for testing out new ideas with little to no resources and making sure you're building the right it before you build it.

Workshop structure:

  • Why pretotype and how can pretotyping help me?: An introduction to pretotyping, collecting valuable data to get "skin in the game", pretotyping examples and techniques you can use.
  • Try it: Get to work with a hands on exercise to take a new idea & come up with ways to pretotype it.
  • Debrief and Q&A: Group discussion, debrief, and Q&A.

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Join us on June 11th to discover how to test your ideas effectively and ensure you’re investing in the right projects.
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