6th Cassini Hackathon in Amersfoort

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The CASSINI Hackathons take place simultaneously in 11 different countries. The 6th edition is scheduled for November 3-5, with events happening both in Amersfoort and online in the Netherlands. In Amersfoort, this exceptional event is co-organized by dotSPACE foundation and Royal Haskoning DHV.

The 6th edition of the hackathon revolves around three key themes:

  1. <strong>Supporting sustainable infrastructure development.</strong> A strong national infrastructure facilitates critical services, promotes opportunities, and stimulates economic growth. Can you create a solution that supports the development of renewable energy, transport and mobility, or connectivity infrastructure?
  2. Strengthening food security and access to clean water. Tackling the urgent global issues rooted in the scarcity of food and clean water, we’re challenging participants to explore how space technologies can be better prepared for humanitarian crises and more effectively manage precious resources. 
  3. Understanding and forecasting forced migration. In this challenge, we’re looking for solutions that will help authorities to predict population movements from vulnerable areas. How can space data help us manage logistics, resources, and transportation during difficult times?

Who Can Participate? 
The CASSINI Hackathon is open to students, entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, researchers, and anyone interested in space technologies, international development, and humanitarian activities. To participate, you must be 18 or older and reside in an EU Member State, Norway, Switzerland, or Iceland. Teams should consist of at least 3 members and can have a maximum of 8. 

For your convenience, we’ve arranged accommodations for on-site participants at the Stayokay Hostel in Soest.