AI & The City

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The Sharing Cities Alliance and the City of Amsterdam welcome you to take part in a roundtable discussion about ‘AI & The City', taking place during the Society 5.0 Festival in Amsterdam. This roundtable brings together a dynamic community of creative professionals to explore the profound intersections of Artificial Intelligence and urban life.

We'll explore the evolving landscape of AI and its transformative potential within our cities. Our discussion will touch upon the ways AI is reshaping urban environments, from livability to climate tech solutions and from transportation to the economy.

Together, we'll also delve into the ethical considerations surrounding AI deployment in urban settings, emphasizing the importance of preserving public values and ensuring positive outcomes for our communities.

Join us for a thought-provoking dialogue, where visionary minds come together to imagine and shape a future where AI and cities harmoniously coexist, fostering innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity. ‘AI & The City’ is your opportunity to be part of this essential conversation, where creativity meets technology to pave the way for brighter and more resilient urban landscapes.

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(Observant players might recognize the touch of generative AI throughout this invitation ;))