Blockchain meetup: how to build a dApp

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Why should you learn blockchain?
Blockchain technology is forming the Internet of the future.

Now is your chance to join the first wave of blockchain engineers and the most qualified professionals in your field.

How can you start?
At the Blockacademy meetup, leading industry experts are offering a solid grounding on the dynamics of all things blockchain. Their insights and wealth of experience are unmatched within the industry and they are keen to pass it on to the next wave of eager students.

At the end of the meetup, you will have an in-depth overview of the most widely utilized blockchains (eg. Bitcoin and Ethereum), decentralized storages (IPFS), functionalities (smart contracts) and more. We want to show how you can play an important role in the development of this new disruptive industry.

In Attendance:
Roman Boiko. Skilled Nodejs and Python programmer. Former blockchain, dApps and smart contract developer at Essentia One. Blockchain developer at Consensus. Started coding at the age of 17, now works on Metamask. Check Roman's full professional profile here:

Oksana Zaharchuk. Automatizations and computer-integrated technology engineer at Essentia One. Skilled Nodejs, Go, C# developer. More than a year of teaching experience. Check Oksana's full professional profile here:

Our speakers will introduce you to a new decentralized world full of opportunities. You make the decision whether you follow them!

Aside from the talks, time will be allocated especially for networking and group discussion between students and teachers in a relaxed informal environment. You may meet next blockchain guru or even your next business partner!

Come and see how you can master this new technology yourself, you may find it’s not as difficult as you imagined. Remember, the industry is still in its infancy, and professionals with blockchain experience are in incredibly high-demand, don’t miss the chance to take your place in the future!

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