Campus Amsterdam Meetup #4 | Kenniskwartier Zuidas

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What is happening at Zuidas Amsterdam? What challenges are they facing? What cases are they working on and where are possible cross-overs possible?

Every month we go to a different innovation district/campus/lab to see what challenges they are facing and to find out how we can work together in an innovative way to solve those challenges. Our next Campus Amsterdam Meetup takes place at the Kenniskwartier Zuidas.

Zuidas Amsterdam is building a unique Amsterdam city district, where thousands of people live, work and enjoy recreational activities. That’s their job. They're doing it on behalf of Amsterdam’s city council. At the same time, they’re cooperating as much as possible with the residents, those living in adjoining areas, companies and institutions, employees and anyone else who feels involved with Zuidas.

Want to know more about the people behind and in those buildings? Come join our next Meetup!

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