European Clean Energy & Mobility Conference

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Creating synergies from clean energy and e-mobility through innovative policies, technology and implementation.

European cities are moving massively into electric mobility. Renewable energy in the city is also growing fast, mostly solar as the most viable clean source of energy in densely populated areas. This conference addresses the need for integrating e-mobility and renewables, facilitated by ICT and how these developments can reinforce benefits instead of creating problems for each other.

Large scale integration of e-mobility and renewables in and around the city is a challenge. Growth in solar energy creates an energy production peak in the early afternoon, which mismatches with the energy demand peaks in the morning and evening. This creates problems for the electricity grid, which will aggravate rapidly if we do not act now. Integrated zero emission mobility and clean energy, smart storage and flexible demand will play a large role in tackling these issues.

Where the EV ENERGY project is focused at good practice and policies to encourage this integration in cities, the CleanMobilEnergy project develops and implements a Europe-wide applicable Energy Management System, with a focus on optimising multiple energy generation, storage and consumption devices within the city. Together with both projects, this conference aims to boost large-scale integration of clean energy, clean mobility and flexible demand and storage.

This conference brings together outstanding examples from Europe, focusing on:
■ Large scale e-mobility parking and energy exchange experiences
■ Smart EV-charging in the city to ‘un-stress’ the grid
■ Energy Management Systems in Europe
■ Tools for energy planning
■ Developing viable business models

The example projects demonstrate the need for an ‘energy systems’ approach in which the energy and mobility sector can produce synergies and reinforce each other.

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We look forward to your participation in this conference!