European Robotics Week 2016 - Amsterdam

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Amsterdam will be the host city of this year’s European Robotics Week, with its central event “Robots at your Service”, focussed around the societal challenge of “Active & Healthy Ageing”. An elderly-centric event with the purpose to tackle the problems that arise from the growing ageing population through the use of Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics & Artificial Intelligence (AI).


The European Commission has identified active and healthy ageing as a major societal challenge common to all European countries, and an area which presents
considerable potential for Europe to lead the world in providing innovative responses to this challenge.

According to the 2015 Ageing Report from the European Commission, the number of Europeans over 65 will double in the next 50 years, and the number of over 80’s will almost triple. The costs for professional care are on the rise and the ratio workers vs pensioners are decreasing.

Needless to say, caring for those seniors – physically, emotionally and mentally – will be an enormous undertaking, and experts say there will be a shortage of professionals trained and willing to take on the job.


Our mission is to co-create the elderly homes of the future – to design and develop homes that are sensitive and responsive to the presence of elderly through the use of
Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

With the objective to prolong independent living and generally improve the quality of home care. Ultimately with “Robots at your Service” we want to help the ageing
population living a healthier, more active and independent life!

This year the European Robotics Week’s central event focuses on several topics such as:

  • Assistive living technologies and healthy aging
  • Girls and women in technology
  • Encouragement of STEAM-based education
  • Robotics competitions and challenges