Fashion for Good Masterclass Karim Adduchi

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Join this masterclass with fashion designer Karim Adduchi and discover how one drawing connected hundreds of people worldwide.


About this event

Hybrid event: join virtually or in person at the Fashion for Good Museum!

The natural world has always been a source of inspiration for the fashion world, with designers continuously looking to nature for colours, textures, forms and materials.

In our upcoming masterclass, fashion designer, illustrator and co-founder of the World Makers FoundationKarim Adduchi, will talk about bridging the gap between art and fashion, connecting different cultures and the key components in his work: heritage, craftsmanship and nature.

We’ll be covering a day in the life of Karim, and addressing questions such as:

  • In what way does his work take care of people and the planet?
  • How to balance sustainability and commerciality?
  • What you, as a consumer, can do to have a positive impact?

If you have any questions for Karim, please make sure to submit them in advance or ask them live during the Q&A!


16.45 Doors open for in-person attendees
17.00 Doors close for in-person attendees
17.00: start event & welcome
17.05: deep dive by Karim Adduchi
17.40: Q&A
18.00: end of event