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Ivanna Vinnicsuk, Content Marketer at Digital Society School, posted

Society 5.0 Festival

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How can you help guide the planet’s well-being towards a Society 5.0?

This question is central to the Society 5.0 Festival. For two days, 31 Oct and 1 Nov, The Social Hub Amsterdam City will be the beating heart where knowledge institutions and the creative industry come together to indulge in masterclasses, workshops, performances, interactive installations and so much more guaranteed to spark your creativity.
More information and tickets, here: https://society5.event-hva.nl/

Kunnen we samen een slimme, duurzame samenleving vormgeven zonder daarbij het welzijn van mens en planeet uit het oog te verliezen?

Op 31 okt en 1 nov komt de creatieve industrie tijdens Society 5.0 Festival bij elkaar in The Social Hub Amsterdam City om het antwoord op deze vraag te verkennen. Verwacht masterclasses, workshops, interactieve (kunst)installaties, performances en meer!
<strong>Meer informatie en tickets hier:</strong> https://society5.event-hva.nl/

Ivanna Vinnicsuk's picture Conference from Oct 31st to Nov 1st
Ivanna Vinnicsuk, Content Marketer at Digital Society School, posted

Smart City Haarlemmermeer - Digital Society School project

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In large and diverse public organizations like the Gemeente Haarlemmermeer, communication can sometimes be hindered by silos. Different departments or teams in the organization may work independently leading to a lack of information sharing and coordination. With so many channels and platforms available, it can be difficult to filter out the information that is relevant and important to employees. This can lead to information overload and make it difficult for employees to stay updated on important updates.

Thus, the trainee team from the Digital Transformation Traineeship Programme at Digital Society School embarked on a challenge on how Gemeente Haarlemmermeer can be facilitated to become a smarter, more connected, transparent and digitally inclusive organisation.

Read more about the project on the website of Digital Society School!

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Ivanna Vinnicsuk, Content Marketer at Digital Society School, posted

Final Showcase Spring 23' at Digital Society School

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We are excited to invite you to the Final Showcase where future digital transformation designers of Digital Society School present the projects that they worked on closely with their partners during the last 20 weeks. 

Experience change in action and see how our trainees' work contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals💪 🌏 💡

This semester, there are 9 project teams working on topics varying from EdTech, Sustainable Fashion Design, Digital Health & Well-being to Smart City.  

In the last 5 months, our trainees from all over the world learned, experimented, and prototyped to envision what the future holds for us to pursue a more just and sustainable society. Come and check what they have come up with!

For more information on the current projects and to RSVP for your FREE ticket, visit the event page on our website.

Ivanna Vinnicsuk's picture Meet-up on Jun 21st