Inclusion: How to thrive being (dis)abled | Young Impactmakers

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Join us for the Inclusion edition of Young Impactmakers!

About this Event:

How can an entrepreneurial mindset make you thrive, when dealing with exclusion and change? This edition of Young Impactmakers we will dive into the topic of inclusion within public space. We will give the floor to young entrepreneurs who are dealing with change themselves and are working in the field of disability. They will share their story, their victories and challenges and we will dive collectively into the cases they come up with. In this way, we can collaborate and co-create inclusive solutions.
This is a great event if you want to meet new people, get inspired and want to contribute to an inclusive society.

What to expect:

Three speakers will share their story about how they dealt with change, started a business, and motivated others to thrive. How they look at inclusion and feeling excluded while living in the city. They will give a different perspective on how they deal with inclusion and how to thrive with an entrepreneurial mindset.


1. Bijan Lofti - The Disabledenabler. Bijan broke his neck in 2012 and change has been a constant factor in his life. His recovery was a roller-coaster ride of trial and hard errors, re-discovering his true self. He wrote a book, started businesses and is coaching other people with his Energy Management Compass. Get ready to get personal… Feeling excluded can have many roots. He dives deeper into this topic and wants to explore how you think feel and act in a world where exclusion and inclusion exist.

2. Josephine Rees - Ableamsterdam. Able Amsterdam provides information about wheelchair-friendly places in the Dutch capital. By sharing accessibility reviews, I hope to shatter disability stereotypes and encourage fellow mobility aid users to get the most out of this exciting city.

3. ONGEREMD - Esmee, Jan, Jackey, Rosa and Yara are searching for out-of-the-box solutions to remove the feeling of being limited as much as possible. The mission is therefore to minimize the difference between people with and without (mobility) limitations. For Ongeremd, the social dimension is at least as important as the practical dimension: the identity, the voice and the perception of the target group is their main focus point. ♿️📣

At our YIM event they will tell their story, how they focused on social design, making festivals more accessible and what they are challenged with making their business successful.


18:45 - 19:00 Walk-in
19:00 - 20:00 Speakers
20:00 - 21:00 Work on cases in groups

21:00 - 22:00 Drinks

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