Intro to Growth Hacking

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Are you an an entrepreneur who wants a proven system to find product-market fit, validate your value proposition or accelerate growth by leveraging the power of the Web?

Join this fast-paced intro to growth hacking with SPINUP‘s Jeremy Croes! During this content-packed workshop, you will learn how to kickstart the growth hacking process for your business.


Part 1: Building the Foundation
– Introduction to growth hacking (what, why and the system)
– Pirate funnels & the Aha! Moment

Part 2: Implementing the System
– How to identify and prioritise growth experiments
– How to craft and set up growth experiments
– How to measure and manage performance
– Examples of growth experiments

Assignments during the session
1. Sketch your pirate funnel & determine the Aha! Moment
2. Craft your first growth experiment
3. Use this landing page optimisation hack to activate more people


The workshop caters mainly to startups but scaleups (or any company, actually) can benefit from growth hacking. Who doesn’t want to get more revenue and increase their social impact?

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