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Marije Poel, Programma manager at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, posted

We can navigate wickedness together

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On the 25 and 26st of November the Amsterdam Smart City network worked together to tackle big wicked problems that exist in the region. But is it even possible to tackle wicked problems? In a masterclass on the first day, initiated by the ASC wicked problems team, Marije Poel (HvA) and Nora van der Linden (Kennisland) tried to change the perspective: what if we aim to navigate wickedness together?

While we work on big and complex issues like the energy transition or the digital transition, we try to get a grip on problems and come up with a structured plan or linear project. But that approach is not always in line with reality, where we struggle with complex, unstructured and undefined messiness. In this masterclass,  we shared a perspective on the character of wicked problems and on the consequences of working on these kind of challenges. Most of the participants recognised the reflexes we have, trying to master or control a wicked problem and come up with a concrete solution.

To give some perspective on how to deal with wickedness, we presented some overall strategies on navigating in wickedness. We suggested to make room for little mistakes (to prevent big ones), invite different perspectives and voices to the table, to be adaptive all along the way, and create time and space for reflection and learning.

The Wicked problems team got positive feed back on the workshop, leading to the idea next time we might dive a bit deeper into this topic and try to apply one or more concrete approaches and tools to navigate around wickedness.

We continue learning and sharing learnings about wickedness in the ASC network. Therefore we are open to work with wicked cases. So, Is your organization a partner of Amsterdam Smart City and do you deal with wicked problems? Let the Wicked Problems know and find out if we can inspire you and find innovative ways to navigate through them together. You can contact Francien who is coordinating this team from the Amsterdam Smart City Baseteam.

In the Wicked problems team are: Dave van Loon (Kennisland), Christiaan Elings (RHDHV), Gijs Diercks (Drift), Giovanni Stijnen (NEMO), Bas Wolfswinkel (Arcadis) en Marije Poel (HvA).

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Marije Poel, Programma manager at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, posted

Logistic hub for smart and sustainable supply / Simply Mile

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The Logistic Hub supplies the city in a smart and sustainable manner, gets rid of inefficient courier routes and replaces smelly delivery trucks with clean electric vehicles.

Watch the movie

Watch the movie about the logistic hub for smart and sustainable supply on youtube:

Slim en duurzaam bevoorraden UvA-HvA

SimplyMile stadsdistributie

Smart Stories

Check the article about the Logistics Hub/Simply Mile featured in our online magazine 'Smart Stories':

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Marije Poel, Programma manager at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, posted

Watch now the Webinar EIP-SCC on "organising smart city projects"

This webinar gives some insights into the research on 12 Amsterdam Smart City projects, conducted by the Amsterdam University of Applied Science together with Amsterdam Smart City.

From minute 9.37 onwards, professor van Winden presents the wide context of smart projects, focusing on non-technological aspects of smart city projects. He addresses several challenges commonly faced during smart projects; for example, the collaboration of organisations with different agendas and the involvement of different stakeholders and how to divide returns and risks. From minute 40 onwards professor van Winden answers some questions coming from the audience who attended the webinar live at the 6th of june.

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Marije Poel, Programma manager at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, posted

Webinar EIP-SCC en HvA on the evaluation of Amsterdam Smart City projects

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The HvA and EIP-SCC Business Models, Finance and Procurement Action Cluster would like to invite you to join the webinar on Organising Smart city projects - Lessons learned from Amsterdam, which will be held on the 6th of June 2017 starting at 14.00 CET. The webinar is open to everyone who is interested!

The Webinar will describe the wide and complex context of smart cities, focusing on non-technological aspects, the creation of partnerships and the challenges that they face. Professor Willem van Winden, from the Amsterdam University, will report on the results of 12 smart city projects and describe the lessons that were learned from their development.

At the end of the presentation, there will be an exhaustive Q&A session and you will have the opportunity to ask for any clarification.

Additional information on the Webinar is available at

To register for the Webinar, please, follow the link:

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Marije Poel, Programma manager at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, posted

Nog plaatsen beschikbaar voor tweede Smart Sessie over business models

Op 9 mei organiseren Amsterdam Smart City en de HvA een tweede Smart Sessie. Vanwege een afzegging hebben wij twee plekken over voor een start-up of SC initiatief, om deel te nemen aan deze Smart Sesie! Deze sessie gaat over business models en je waardepropositie. Na een inleiding Smart Business Models, volgt een interactieve workshop waarin je als deelnemer aan de slag gaan met het business model van jouw eigen smart city initiatief.
Zo help je in een ochtend jouw initiatief of project een grote stap verder!
Deze Smart Sessie wordt begeleid door dr. Jeroen Kraaijenbrink en dr. Willem van Winden.

Ben jij er graag bij? Meld je aan bij Marije:

9.00 – 9.15: introductie en doelen
9.15 – 10.15: workshop deel 1: Wat is je waardepropositie en hoe kun je die verbeteren?
Introductie waardenetwerp, Introductie waardepropositie, Tools waardepropositie ontwerp, Toepassing a.d.h.v. de ‘6 block method’
10.15 – 10.30: pauze
10.30 – 11.30: workshop deel 2: Wat is je business model en hoe kun je dat verbeteren? Introductie business model, Tools business model ontwerp, Criteria business model evaluatie, Toepassing a.d.h.v. de ‘Strategy Sketch’
11.30 – 12.00: uitloop, reflectie en vooruitblik en LUNCH

Locatie; Smart City Lab, inclusief lunch

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Marije Poel, Programma manager at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, posted

Pakhuis de Zwijger 19 dec: Smart Citizens Talk - Lessons from Amsterdam Smart City

Will you be present at Pakhuis de Zwijger on the 19th of December to listen en talk about the organisation and management of smart city initiatives and the engagement of citizens?

You can register for the program via the website of Pakhuis de Zwijger:
---- The event will be in Dutch!! -----

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