Launch of the Standard for Public Code

The Foundation for Public Code and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences is excited to invite you to the launch of the Standard for Public Code at the Datalab Amsterdam.
We define ‘public code’ as open source software developed by public administrations (like cities), together with the policy and guidance needed for reuse.

The newly-formed Foundation for Public Code will help cities share and adopt open source software, build sustainable developer communities and create a thriving ecosystem for public code. This allows cities to save money on procurement, development and maintenance, and supports their technological sovereignty.

The Standard for Public Code, developed in a research project 'Smart Cities? Public Code!' by the City of Amsterdam, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Foundation For Public Code, gives cities a model for building their own open source solutions to enable successful future reuse by other cities. It includes guidance for policymakers, city administrators, developers and vendors.

Join us to find out what we’ve done so far, our plans for further research and development, and how this supports Cities for Digital Rights.
We’re looking for collaborators and feedback as we develop the Standard - we look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

Speakers (English spoken):
- Ben Cerveny (Foundation For Public Code)
- Tamas Erkelens (Gemeente Amsterdam, Cities For Digital Rights Coalition)
- Martijn de Waal (Hogeschool van Amsterdam)
- Boris van Hoytema (Foundation for Public Code)