MLMOB: Machine Learning In Mobility

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Data is one of the main drivers of innovation in the mobility space. Initiatives like car-sharing, smart logistics, and claim handling all benefit when data is leveraged to the fullest. Machine Learning can contribute heavily to those innovations.
During MLMOB you will learn why and how the mobility sector companies apply Machine Learning, and the challenges they face during development and implementation.

An interactive setting, where technical leads from scale-ups and the mobility sector challengers will share their Machine Learning use cases and experiences.

- Tom van Arman, Smart City Strategist @ Tapp: Machine Learning ad Design Tool to create more meaningful and purposeful public space
- Mario Wester, CTO @ Yource: Automating Flight Compensation Claims
- Dylan Herrebout & William Nolan, Machine Learning @ Snappcar: Ranking the Cars
- Taras Slipets, Senior Software Engineer @ Flixbus: Evolution of AWS Infrastructure for ML