Open Webinar: Preventing Waste & Closing Material Loops

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Join us on March 22 for an insightful webinar on Preventing Waste & Closing Material Loops.

The webinar will be opened by an expert from the United Nations Environment Programme. This introduction is followed by a presentation of Merel Schaap, Impact Analyst at Seenons, who will share how a technology platform can enable the circular economy. We will conclude the session with presentations on challenges by different municipalities, nonprofits and companies that are looking for solutions. These challenges are part of CircleHub's competition which runs until June 20. Winning solutions will be awarded or will receive investment to carry out a Proof of Concept.

The session is part of CircleHub's webinar series happening this March and April. The series consists of four sessions, which are opened by an expert from the United Nations Environment Programme who will give a Keynote on the subject, followed by presentations of best practices around the globe. The session will be closed with information on the competition and presentation by the organizations behind the challenges on our platform.