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At a time of year when overconsumption is encouraged by many fast fashion brands, our reminder today and every day is to take a moment to pause before making a purchase, and remind ourselves that there's nothing more sustainable than taking care of and wearing what we already have in our closets! Before discarding your fashion garment or an item that’s damaged, try to repair and mend it — give your clothes a second life and embrace imperfections! Our experience? It will become the showpiece of your wardrobe.

In collaboration with Gemeente Amsterdam and New Order of Fashion, on November 25 and 26 from 10:00-17:00, you will be able to bring an item that you want to upcycle or repair to the Fashion for Good Museum (Rokin 102, Amsterdam). Upcycle artist Valentine Tinchant and tailor Atilla Kiliç from de Stadspas network, will repurpose your pre-loved items into new creations.
On November 25th and 26th we offer a free entrance to learn about the past, present and future of sustainable fashion and discover brands and innovations who are making sustainable fashion a reality.

You are also welcome to donate your unworn items at the Fashion for Good Museum where we collect textiles in the City Textile Cart from the Gemeente Amsterdam.

Types of repair or alterations possible
• Tears, rips and holes
• Patch working
• Hemming
• Embroidery
• Buttons

Please be mindful of the time, creativity and skills of the designers since they are taking care of your clothes, therefore limited spots are available. Most repairs and creations will be able to be on-the-spot (30 min). Alterations will be either machine based or hand-stitched depending on what is required.