Smart Cities of things & Smart Government

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Brussels - The international Auditorium - 25/4/2017

​Plenary 6 tracks with 6 speakers - based on an ongoing interview

  • Smart Environment
  • Smart Mobility
  • Smart Government
  • Smart Living
  • Smart Economy
  • Smart People


About 4Instance:**

**4Instance, founded in 1996 in Brussels, is an independent organisation, having established itself as the ideal forum for today's modern public management with its main focus on ICT, HRM, organisation, finances, communication, etc.

4Instance combines the eMagazine, the public sector congress, the Whitepapers, the Public sector fair, the conferences, the workshops and executive events.

4Instance pays special attention to all aspects of management within the public sector. From the very beginning it involves the public management in all its activities. Innovation always plays a central role.**