ICT Event: Tech is the place to be. Come and experience!

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Career possibilities, information about our retrain ICT career program, 2 rounds of workshops (AI, DataScience, Softwaretesting, Pitching. Tech ecosystem in the metropool etc.), Q&A/ speakers (AI, Data-analysis, Product design etc.), networking, live music (the performance of a violist), food, drinks and snacks.

Target audience

This event can be visited by anyone who supports our mission for more gender equality and cultural diversity. Experience shows that our events are visited by ICT and non-ICT professionals, students, women who are orienting themselves on an ICT career, men, people who want to start or have just started in ICT, entrepreneurs and people who want to network. The program is in Dutch and English.


For your ticket go to www.zvvt.nl or [Eventbrite](Bekijk "ICT event: Tech is the place to be. Come and exper" op Eventbrite! Datum: Za, sep 23 • 12:00 CEST Locatie: Hessenbergweg 8, 1101 BT Amsterdam https://www.eventbrite.nl/e/tickets-ict-event-tech-is-the-place-to-be-come-and-exper-640158530397)

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