The Whole Package: Innovations in Food Packaging

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Explore trends in sustainable food packaging, innovations & partnership opportunities at Impact Hub, with

About this Event:
How can we make food packaging sustainable? Plastic waste is a global problem, and the EU is preparing the transition towards a circular economy. Where does that leave food packaging? During this event, we will explore trends, innovations and opportunities, together with by MVO Nederland.

For whom?
This evening is for innovation-seekers and makers. We will discuss success stories and do some live matchmaking, especially to make it easier for established companies and smaller innovative parties to find and talk to each other. You’ll meet and learn from entrepreneurs and innovators from our Food, Plastics, and Circularity Ecosystems and be able to start new collaborations.

The warming up will be a panel interview, moderated by Caroli Buitenhuis of Green Serendipity, expert on bioplastics, circular economy and sustainable packaging. Chocolatemakers, Willicroft and People of Tomorrow will share their journey towards a sustainable package for their products.
Keynote speaker of this event will be Willemijn Peeters, founder of Searious Business, who helps (food) businesses to become plastic-free and circular. Her mission is to help transform our global economy and is an expert in bringing about organisational strategy & operational change.

19:00 Walk-in
19:30 Start
20:30 - 21:00 Matchmaking Drinks

You want to engage in more sustainable business, develop and move forward. For that, you need a product or service, knowledge or that one connection. by MVO Nederland supports your search for the perfect match. For our 10.000 members, we already made over 4000 matches, so let us have a look at your entrepreneurial challenge! Do you want to know how it works? Watch this video.

About Impact Hub’s Food Ecosystem:
The Netherlands is the second largest exporter of agro-food products worldwide. What if we used this position to make real impact across the food chain and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable food system? Through our ecosystem approach, we bring together and strengthen relationships between entrepreneurs, investors, government, corporates and other organisations. Together we create innovation and resources for positive change in the food sector.


Henrike Slob's picture
Henrike Slob

Dear Kazumitsu, thank you for your message and great to hear about the invention of sustainable cutlery. The best way to go forward is to contact of our Innovation & Acceleration team. She can help you to accelerate your innovation.

Kazumitsu Yoshida's picture
Kazumitsu Yoshida

Hi Henrike,
I am super interested in this event but unfortunately, I had noticed just now. So I can't join today but if it possible, can I connect to you? I am working as a creative director. Maybe you know, in Japan there used to be lots of sustainable ways, lifestyle etc, And now I have tackled to invent some sustainable cutlery. Good luck with the event!