TOMAS CONNECT #1: Diversity in my tech team

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Diversity & Inclusion has become a key objective for successful businesses of today. Companies are facing multiple challenges implementing diversity strategies in their daily operations and culture. Where can I find tech talent from diverse backgrounds? Who is working on making the local talent pool more diverse? How can I find a partner that meets my needs?

TOMAS Connect #1 is an interactive matchmaking between companies and a number of talent development initiatives in the Amsterdam region that stimulate diversity and inclusion in tech.

In just 1,5 hours, you will meet the key educators, initiatives and programs that have a proven track record in contributing to the tech sector and could therefore help you diversify your hiring pipeline. Take the opportunity to learn what’s out there, how they can help you and what you can do to support them.
* Ecosystem overview: who is working on diversity and inclusion in talent development?
* Pitches: meet 8 different initiatives
* Breakout areas: connect & ask questions