WEBINAR: Mobility Redefined: Blurred Lines in Public/Private Transportation

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Mobility on demand (MOD) has created a swing from a reliance upon traditional methods to embracing more scalable multi-modal transport initiatives. This takes us a step closer to achieving fully integrated, sustainable and scalable Mobility as a Service but to do so, public and private companies must work more closely than ever before.

Our exclusive live webinar “Mobility Redefined? Blurred Lines & New Business Models” (Thurs, May 2, 15:00 CET) feat. ViaVan, POLIS, MaaS Global & EMTA will discuss how we integrate mobility platforms with public transit infrastructure to provide on-demand and dynamic transportation solutions.

Key topics include:
• Mobility Redefined? See how municipalities need to innovate to explore new models which cater to evolving demands and lower congestion and emissions.
• Solving Public Transport Pain Points: Understanding how the public sector and transport authorities are creating new regulation for open data sharing
• Powered By Data: Harness the power of data to optimise routes, distribution and feed real time transportation data to commuters for a seamless transport experience
• Create Trusted Public/ Private Partnerships: Discuss how to work in harmony with the cities and enable integration between public transportation and shared mobility services

Chris Snyder, CEO, ViaVan
Thomas Geier, Policy & Research Officer, European Metropolitan Transport Authorities (EMTA)
Krista Huhtala-Jenks, Head of Go-to-Market, MaaS Global
Suzanne Hoadley, Senior Manager – Coordinator Traffic Efficiency, POLIS

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