A great read to start your weekend: easing access to finance.

On Tuesday, the European Commission launched URBIS, "Urban Investment Support". URBIS will help cities plan investments to support their own urban development strategies and get easier access to finance.

Cities face particular challenges when it comes to accessing finance. Individual municipal projects, for example in the fields of social inclusion, urban regeneration or energy efficiency, can be too risky or too small for the market. At the same time, funding for integrated urban programmes can also be difficult to access, because they group several small projects across different sectors. Finally, cities can also face borrowing limits.

URBIS intends to help cities tackle these specific issues. It will help them design, plan and implement their investment strategies and projects, with tailor-made technical and financial advice, also on innovative financing options. The objective is to see solid projects get off the ground in the short to medium-term, for example in the field of urban climate actions.

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Herman van den Bosch

I still did not read this document. When I start reading my first question will be whether it is feasible that an advice like this can be given at European level.