Building the foundation of a smart city: Coworking Conference

For me, the foundation of every smart city is the community, the people who interact. I am certain that coworking and new work are two important factors along the way to new smart cities. I am a founder of Coworking Bansko, a coworking space in the rural area of Bulgaria. We see how people interact and how people who live a location independent lifestyle lay the ground for new income streams and build new societies whose values differ extremely from what we are used to. To benefit from the crowd, and to interact with people who are part of this new ecosystem, I recommend taking part in the COWORKING EUROPE 2018 conference, which is held in Amsterdam, and learn how you can adopt strategies to benefit as a city, a country, or a community. I am a speaker of this years conference and invite you to be part:

All the best to you!