Green cooperative learning is key in urban food growing

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The knowledge of food growing flows naturally within the generations in rural areas. The transfer of this green knowledge is mostly aborted in the city. Just enthusiasm is not enough for succesfull growing food in the city. Urban food growing starts with the transfer of green knowledge and green experience. A green cooperative learning experiment is started in the city of Arnhem (160.000 inhabitants) with the learning cooperative Arnhem Groen The bottom-up initiative YIMBY Yes-In-My-Back-Yard! shows the benefits of green cooperative learning in an urban environmont.

About Zéger Nieuweboer:
I grew up on a farm in Waterland (NL) just north of Amsterdam. I studied at the Wageningen University (NL) and the University of Illinois (USA). I'm an urban, organic food grower in the city of Arnhem (NL). I'm owner/teacher at the green learning company Contact:

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