It's all about people business!

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Digitization is happening in every industry, it’s transforming corporate organizations in a profound way. Meanwhile, organizations are facing new challenges and fast moving radical technologies are reshaping marketplace and society.

According to the World Economic Forum in September 2017, new tech revolution like IoT, AI, Blockchain are at the forefront and the need to do face-to-face meeting will erodes. We are just at the very beginning of the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR).

Another challenging prediction from NASA is, that by 2025 80% of human interaction shall be done by ‘Teleportal’. Like tele-education, tele-health, tele-commerce, tele-shopping, tele-entertainment, etc.

This new tech revolution and NASA prediction, is disrupting every industry and impacting how organization deliver a great customer real-time experience. Companies that ignore it risk their very survival; but those that embrace it can dramatically improve customer satisfaction and drive greater value.

It will necessitate new business-models, social concerns and build customer loyalty with trends that is mission-driven for success. This requires business agility to extend the market, processes, people and technology from organizations and how to adopt these challenges and transform into business opportunity. To be successful as a organization nowadays and in the near future, depends on a large degree of digital integration with customers, (strategic) partners and other key entities in its value chain.

Bringing these challenges together and collaborate more, we exchange faster a higher value, enable transparency and trust. The key for this seamless collaboration is websocket, open API and open source.

At Netstairs we believe that "real-time communication (WebRTC) is the genesis of an insightful interactive transformation to digital economy, by connecting creative minds, machine intelligence, while embracing human diversity around the world". We bring real-time communications to life, making use of web-socket, open API and opensource.

Adopting a platform, seamless collaboration and real-time communication experience driven partnership, become a huge differentiation constructing both tangible and intangible competitive market. Considering real-time engagement in video, voice, and text communications is the ultimate quest. Netstairs solution could potentially become an interactive corridor to many aspect of online human interaction and services. Setting up an interactive cloud may unify many facets of communications such as marketing, sales, distribution, customer relations, and of course underlined by technology.

Building personalized smart marketing workflows connected to business intelligence with big data interconnected to CRM that could lead into personal concierge or self service robots are just a few of the ways one might imagine. Organizations that embrace real-time communication engagement are more likely to dominate competitive market, improve customer satisfaction and drive greater value.

Are you ready for the 4IR?

For me, I am inspired and excited about these new tech revolution and it will bring change that unlocks new values and creating new markets!

Don’t asked what these tech revolution can do for your organization, but rather asked how can our organization adopt these tech revolution by creating a greater value to our organization and improve customer satisfaction by introducing a real-time communication customer experience?

The bottom line is "what business you are in, it’s all about people business".

Happy business!

Peter Ticoalu

Collaboration platform Netstairs