Smart City Hub

Hi all,

I created the Smart City Hub Group on LinkedIn so professionals and decision makers working in smart cities worldwide can get cutting edge intelligence about smart city projects around the world.

In this forum you get the latest news, trends and strategies about all aspects of smart cities, like city management, traffic, security, energy & water supply, citizen services, ICT, housing and building.

Are you a civil servant or politician? Please visit the group and click on 'join group'.

Plus, here are some other things we will talk about and resources you will find:
· Topic of the week: Each week I will post a new Topic for discussion. I invite you to share your thoughts and expertise.
· The power of many: In the group you can interact with and learn from professionals and decision makers working in smart cities worldwide.
· More perspectives: With insights from other professionals we can learn even more. Our collective knowledge is powerful. And I know you have some good ideas to contribute as well.

Sounds interesting? I hope so. I invite you to get engaged in discussions, ask questions and share your thoughts right now. Best of all, it does not cost you anything.

Let’s make our cities smart.



Egbert van Keulen's picture
Egbert van Keulen

Hi Elien,
Thank you, I just applied for membership.