Smart City Talks Event on Feb 27th

In my earlier post regarding 'Interactive Smart City Talks' on Jan 9, 2018. We are happy to announce 2 great news:

1) We've closed an agreement with several universities and we'll be launching this 'Interactive Smart City Talks' from on February, Tuesday 27th. First event from 8AM to 10AM ET and second event from 8PM to 10PM ET. We'll do the SMART CITY TALKS for 10 consecutive months until Nov 2018. The idea is to have up to 100 leaders from the Government, Universities, Business and Private Sector physically and stream the events to 100K+ students using YouTube Live and Facebook Live.

2)We closed with MAR DE COPAS, a well known Peruvian Band and also with the Best Bar for Live Concerts in Lima and will be launching on March Tuesday 6th from 9PM to 11PM to start. We'll built the 1st interactive Music Entertainment Channel so we can connect not only one band but several Bands with their fans.. anytime, anywhere any platform.

Are you interested, please send us an e-mail to: and

Looking forward having you on board....LET'S TALK SMART OVER THE CITY!

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Peter Ticoalu

This 'Interactive Smart City Talks' will be virtually making use of interactive digital business platform NO INSTALL, NO DOWNLOADS, NO CHANGES ON DEVICE SETTINGS. It's browser based, the best to use is chrome but firefox and opera will do also. Join us with people from latin America, Asia and Europe and connect our creative minds and how machine intelligence, AI, & multi-tier cloud integration can be used for SMART CITY!