The importance of public space and e-moped sharing!

Did you know shared e-mopeds can be 175 times more efficient in terms of public space usage compared to cars?! Let us explain! 🔍

In Amsterdam, 30% of the people with a parking permit use their car once, or even less often, per week. There are 133.000 permit holders, so for these residents we need 39.900 parking spots (30% x 133.000). For their 39.900 weekly movements, we also need 39.900 parking spots.

Shared e-mopeds are used 7 days a week and let's assume about 5 times per day on average. On the space of one parking spot you could fit 5 e-mopeds. So one parking spot used for shared e-mopeds could facilitate 5 x 7 x 5 = 175 movements per week! For 39.900 weekly movements, you would only need 228 (!) parking spots, so this is also 175 times more efficient!
As you can see, sharing (of e-mopeds) is a much more efficient way of using scarce public space. We would say: let's turn some car parking spots into e-moped spots! 🛵

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