Vegan Protein Cooperation wins Rabo Food Forward 2019

The Dutch Vegan Protein Cooperation "Lekker Lupine" wins de Rabo Food Forward 2019. De Rabo Food Forward is an innovation track in food, supported by the Rabobank. The jury praises the winner for the diversity of the track team and the focus at innovation. The track team consist of Andre Jurrius (food grower), Zéger Nieuweboer (urban grower), Thomas Poels (student food), Marieke Laméris (Proeflab Wageningen) en Machiel Kommers (Ministry of Agriculture & Food) . The new born cooperation dedicates 10% of their return to innovation, in participation with startups and Wageningen University. The 4 months food forward track is based upon the change method Theory U of Otto Scharmer. The Rabo Food Forward initiative will be deployed to all 14 kringen of the Rabobank, including the Amsterdam metropol.

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