Wanted: more assignments for Futureteams

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Every organisation can come across a problem they need help with. Maybe Futureteams can assist! To prepare Business and Management students of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences for a future in Business they have the opportunity to work as a consulting agency, Futureteams, and solve real problems organisations might have. We are looking for organisations in the fields of: Health, Mobility, Tourism, Smart Cities or Financial Services.

Joep de Hoog has had a lot of response, but has room for a few more, you can sign in untill the 25th of September.

The students will put in effective work hours and there is no need for training or a work space. You can find more about the project on https://amsterdamsmartcity.com/projects/futureteams-can-take-on-new-assignments or here:
https://sites.google.com/enmeer.com/wervenopdrachtgevers/home (in Dutch)