Who Owns the City?

Hello Amsterdam Smart City Community! I'm an American living in Amsterdam for a few months, and while I'm here, I'm writing a weekly blog for the John Adams Institute. This week, I wrote about the economic and cultural impact of tourism in cities. I'd welcome any feedback you might have!



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Annelies Van der Stoep

Hi @rosstilchin , nice blog about our Venice of the North! You're putting your finger on the sore spot. So let me point out a positive thing too: isn't tourism also showing that worldwide the middle class is getting stronger and stronger? More and more people have the ability to travel and to visit interesting places and ultimately, to meet with strangers. (although this last bit may be something for the more adventurous who dart part Venice or Amsterdam).

Ross Tilchin

Hi @melihgezer ! Thanks very much for your comment. Indeed, in writing this piece, I'd also come across Barcelona's effort to limit the impact of tourism. Such an interesting issue--yet another instance of globalization totally changing the context in which cities operate.