Bring your challenge forward at the ETCA hackathon

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At the Energy Transition Campus Amsterdam (ETCA), we work together with 25+ organizations towards solutions in the energy transition. We know how to combine our capabilities and are ready to work together. Here at ETCA, we have a great group of bright minds and can solve problems quick because we are super motivated to make an impact.

We opened our doors 2 years ago and are ready to work together on a challenge of (industry) partners around/on World Overshoot Day 2024 (July 25) in a hackathon format. The facilitation and organization is by ETCA.


- With a tangible ask for emissions reduction, energy management or challenge for technological solution, on which teams can work on with supporting information or data (can be public data).

  • Available for ~4 hours on July 24 and ~2 hours on July 25

Please do not hesitate to have a look on our website and LinkedIN to get an impression of our work, and contact me if you have a problem for us to work on!