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🔄 How shareable is urban knowledge? Through scientific research, the Closer Cities urban initiative focuses on 'barriers and boosts' of knowledge sharing: what hinders it, what stimulates it, and how can we use these insights in optimizing knowledge sharing?

Closer Cities seeks to answer these questions. We are motivated by the urge to share what's shareable. It is our mission to make knowledge that is currently “invisible”, tied to its origin and unrecognized by the larger urban community, visible and shareable. In the end, we strongly believe that a better exchange and use of urban knowledge and experience can have a significant positive societal impact.

'5 questions to' series
As part of the platform, we showcase the extensive array of existing urban research. We developed the ‘5 questions to’ series in which we ask researchers and scientists to briefly reflect on their research (project) and the shareability of their insights by answering five questions.

How to participate
Closer Cities is calling all scientists to participate in our '5 questions to' series. The insights you share via the five questions form will be published on the Closer Cities website. Accordingly, you contribute to our aim of optimizing the shareability of knowledge. In turn, we would like to give you the opportunity to share insight from your research. Interested in participating? Fill out the five questions here.

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About Closer Cities
The Closer Cities urban research project (2021-2030) aims to contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We focus on the optimization of cocreating and sharing urban knowledge. In order to get a better understanding of this process, we need to know what stimulates it and what hinders it. Or, in short, what are the barriers and boosts?

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