Bees Digital Farm

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Ever since the 20th century most of the countries across the globe are still using the traditional way of farming and it’s still going on for the demand and supply of people. As we all know that by the year 2050, the 80 % estimation of the world population will have been living in urban areas which can lead the total population of the world to increase by 3 billion people. With this large amount of increase in population, scientists and researchers are quite worried about the farmland which will be required to generate such a huge demand for food supply to fulfill the necessity to survive. Noticing this fact in mind as what would be the future source of alternative solutions to solve such a type of problem a concept was proposed named “In-House Farming”.

What is the goal of the project?

Bees Digital Farm is an upcoming research start-up that focuses on new technologies and innovative techniques in the agriculture domains, the primary audience is over the developing countries.

What is the result of the project?

To build a research channel that focuses on the world’s first-ever digital data science technology In-house farming and renewable energy lab that provides solutions with future tailor-made technology-based digital farms in remote locations across the globe.

What is the next step?

To achieve sustainable renewable energy-based intelligent farmhouse, by focusing on AI and machine learning-based consulting and sustainable community. Additionally, it provides engineering data science consultancy which is 100% data is encrypted through various technology-based digital learning platforms sand optimization. Furthermore, it also transforms the data to solve the unique farming solutions to our client need and it embarks a lifelong companion for clients to grow from installation to decommissioning.

What can other cities learn from your project?

Netherlands and Germany are initial starting points and further capturing the entire EU sub.