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The CityService Development Kit (CitySDK) is a system that collects open data of governments, in order to provide their availability uniformly and in real-time. Within this project Waag Society is responsible for the domain Mobility. We will talk to potential data suppliers and application developers to meet the needs of both parties. Combined with questions from various cities in Europe, these needs lead to services that are both generic and dynamic.

CitySDK is assisting seven European cities to release their data and offers tools to develop digital services. It also helps cities anticipate ever expanding technological possibilities. Over the past twenty years, Waag Society amassed much knowledge of technology and governmental sources. This was put to good use in the development of CitySDK. Think of services that help developers to make applications that offer personalized travel advice.

Bert Spaan, developer at Waag Society, has made a map within the framework of the European Smart CitySDK project to show all 9,866,539 buildings in The Netherlands, shaded according to their year of construction. This give us a complete new image of the country and clearly shows the age of cities, whether they are still relatively young (in blue, built after 1960) or very old (in red). A nice example is a city like Haarlem, of which the old inner city clearly lights up, or Almere, covered in blues as it is built in recent times.

With these services, a pilot study will be conducted in Amsterdam. Then, the applicability of the services will be tested in Helsinki, Manchester, Barcelona, Rome, Istanbul and Lamia.

As part of the City Service Development Kit and the Open Data Exchange projects the City Dashboard Amsterdam has been developed, in which lot of effort has been expended to make existing data sets available in realtime. A true treasure, that contains an enormous insight in what make the city tick.