ClairCity: Citizen-led air pollution reduction in cities

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ClairCity is an innovative project involving thousands of people in cities across Europe, enabling us all to decide the best local options for a future with clean air and lower carbon emissions. ClairCity is funded by the European Union.
ClairCity is a four year project (2016-2020)

What is the goal of the project?

The effects of poor air quality are felt worldwide, but the sources are usually local. Every day, air pollution is caused by our commutes to work, by heating our homes, or through our local industries. Understanding how we live – and the restrictions we face in those choices – is key to improving air quality. Solutions at a local level can make a big difference.

What is the result of the project?

Six cities are partners in the project; Amsterdam in the Netherlands; Bristol in the UK; Ljubljana in Slovenia; Sosnowiec in Poland; the Aveiro region in Portugal and the Liguria region around Genoa in Italy. Each city faces different issues and causes of air pollution, but all of our partner cities are working to improve their air quality.

We are using existing data that will be applicable across many more cities to drive our innovative public engagement activities. We are examining data that is already collected by all cities with over 50,000 residents in the EU and using it to build new models of urban air pollution and carbon emissions. These new models and scenarios will make it easier for cities to identify changes that they can make for society to reduce emissions and make a positive change in peoples’ lives.

Who initiated the project and which organizations are involved?

ClairCity is a collaboration. ClairCity involves 16 institutions from ten different countries working together. We have 6 local authorities, 3 universities, consultancies, a government agency and multi-national non-governmental organisations in the team to provide the range of experience and expertise necessary for the project.

Our partner organisations are:

Trinomics B.V. (Project Coordinator – Netherlands)
University of the West of England, Bristol (Technical Lead – UK)
Statistics Netherlands CBS (Netherlands)
Technical University of Denmark (Denmark)
Norwegian Institute for Air Research (Norway)
PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (Netherlands)
REC Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (Hungary)
Techne Consulting (Italy)
Transport & Mobility Leuven (Belgium)
University of Aveiro (Portugal)
Municipality of Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Bristol City Council (UK)
Intermunicipal Community of Aveiro Region (Portugal)
Liguria Region (Italy)
Municipality of Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Sosnowiec City Council (Poland)

What is the next step?

We'are building a game all about Amsterdam.