Slim en Schoon door de stad

Smart and Clean, all over the city



What is the goal of the project?

The network is initiated by the Chamber of Commerce in the cooperation 'Smart and Clean through the City'. Together, they look for solutions to grow and to upscale their sustainable products and services. The 'Koplopers' learn from each other, are ambassadors for sustainable transport and motive non-members. They do that by using market opportunities for smart and clean transport and exchange experiences. Also, the 'Koplopers' create a flywheel effect by sharing results with other companies in and around Amsterdam.


At least four meetings per year at one of the 'Koplopers' for inspiration and physical meeting. Besides, there is an active LinkedIn group for communication and newsletters.
Expansion of Koplopers.
Increase number of cases and challenges, and look for new connections.

What is the result of the project?

In 1,5 years time, the network has grown from 30 to 50 'Koplopers' and connected with other companies. New relations and business are created growth. Koplopers D-020 are connected with similar networks in Utrecht and The Hague.

What is the next step?

We are always looking to expand our network. Are you a pioneer in the field of transporting people and goods or do you want to get in contact with one of the 'Koplopers'? Contact Carin Biegnolé (