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Adventures start with Movby. Unlock unique rides and experience a city like a local, even if it's for a day - Or share yours and earn.

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What is the goal of the project?

It is our mission to become the world's leading platform, connecting travelers and locals to ride owners from every community and make transportation more local friendly .

Safe online sharing and empowerment of local communities via online platform.
Shared transportation modes + second chance to unused goods.
Local and wider transport range.
Convenient renting service
Wider audience reach for traditional renting services

On Offer: Offers people the chance to make profit out of their unused apparel with no other effort other than using the platform.
On Demand: Making renting a ride easier, efficient, safe, fast and local.

We empower local communities by promoting local friendly modes of transportation that connect local neighbors and others like tourist. Creating a more local friendly and community consciousness by sharing unused transportation modes. Encouraging local neighbors to give a use to their un used bikes and boats. Contributing to the Amsterdam ecosystem within the canals and streets. By doing so we did not only generated a sustainable and expandable business model which focuses on recycling unused mobility options but also offer a financial compensation to the local users as well as a more convenient renting services for others in need of a ride.

What is the result of the project?

Currently our platform is online and fully functional.
Our desired RESULT is to expand Amsterdam's solution range in mobility issues not only locally but tourist wise. Contributing to the ecosystem by:
-Reducing the amount of abandoned bikes and boats within Amsterdam's ecosystem, clearing bike racks, garages, streets, boat parking spots, canal water systems and canal cleaning.
-Providing a local friendly mobility solution to Amsterdam's crowded streets.
-Providing local owners with an economic reward.


Who initiated the project and which organizations are involved?

The project was initiated by Gonzalo de Velasco over a year ago, now we are a small but strong 3 people team in which Enrique Crespo jumped into operations and Claudia Barrios who is taking control over the website and communications! Currently the project is nominated amongst the 10 winner projects from almost 400 at the Philips Innovation Award 2017 in Rotterdam.

What is the next step?

OUR NEXT STEP is to find funding in order to

  1. EXPAND OUR REACH to all locals and tourists arriving to the city of Amsterdam that we all can start MOVING LOCAL.
  2. Product development
  3. Partner UP! We are looking for interested partners to join our platform within different roles:
    -Traditional renting services
    Why: to create an account and provide the platform with their assets.
    What do we offer: An increase in their online bookings and promotion of organizations.
    Why: to offer our users an insured experience
    -On the Spot mechanics
    Why: to solve on the go issues
    What we offer: An increase of their services and promotion of organizations.

What can other cities learn from your project?

Keeping a city safe and clean isn't easy but there is always a solution!
At Movby we learned that our most important asset is the community we are working with, locating their mobility issues and offering a convenient and local solution to a global scale.
We learnt that what matters the most isn´t what is being shared, for how much or for how long but the place where it's shared and the people that create the community.

In the future Movby will look into other locations in order to find out how to generate the best mobility option range and strengthen the local community.