Multiple solar roofs in the city center of Amsterdam

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Green City Buzz is realising the construction of several solar energy systems (PV) on flat roofs throughout the city center.

As it stands, the process to install a PV system - subsidies & funding, permits, construction, the works - is quite complex. In this trial project we’re trying to achieve two things: a patchwork blanket of solar roofs in central Amsterdam, to further renewable energy production, reduce fossil power reliance, and create an example for other areas; and two, to simplify the process and lower the threshold for property owners or corporate tenants in future.

At the moment we’ve assured several interested parties and SDE+ subsidies. We’d love to add more applicants to the group, and scale up this project.

What is the goal of the project?

To increase the amount of solar power generated in central Amsterdam, and to facilitate easy access to installing solar power systems for property owners/exploiters/tenants there and in other existing urban areas.

What is the result of the project?

The goal is to install several solar power systems throughout the city center in 2018, like a patchwork of progress!

Who initiated the project and which organizations are involved?

Green City Buzz initiated the project. We're working with property owners and office tenants, and with the municipality departments CTO, Sustainability & Program Manager Solar Energy, and Monument Care.

What is the next step?

Gathering more interested parties (property owners/investors, corporate tenants, etc.) in the area and applying for SDE+ subsidies for each of them. Meanwhile, collect all necessary go's to implement the first (set of) systems.

What can other cities learn from your project?

Though we're not at the stage yet where we can reflect on the entire process, a general lesson for cities would be that it pays to diminish process-related hurdles when it comes to the transition towards clean energy.


Annelies Van der Stoep's picture
Annelies Van der Stoep

@charleysnoek Did you check out the Zoncoalitie? And do you know about Roof Top Revolution? De Dakdokters and De Groene Grachten might be interesting parties to theme up with! Did you also see the interesting roof at the Marineterrein?

If you have time tonight, join us at Pakhuis de Zwijger for an evening on energy transition, including a discussion on best steps forward in the monumental districts of Amsterdam.

Abhinav Jain's picture
Abhinav Jain

Hi @jordycasteleijn
Why is convincing the stakeholders so difficult? Is it:
1.) lack of data - who would benefit, how much - financially and environmentally?
2.) lack of bank financing?
We are not specifically active in Amsterdam, but we are a global solar mapping solutions provider.

Jordy Casteleijn's picture
Jordy Casteleijn

Hi @abhinavjain , I think some of the biggest challenges still are; convincing all stakeholders that this is the right time to invest in solar energy, getting the right subsidies involved, to actually get the city's permits that allow us to place solar panels and organising the whole process as efficient as possible.
Thanks for your message! are you active in Amsterdam?

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Tanja van der Knoop

Hi Abhinav, thanks for your response! I'm connecting you to my colleague @jordycasteleijn , who is the lead on this project. Best, Charley

Abhinav Jain's picture
Abhinav Jain

Congratulations and sounds like a very exciting project.
Would love to know what are some of the key challenges that you are facing in this project and would be happy to support, if we can.