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DataLab is a workshop, knowledge-center and open stage.


DataLab is een werkplaats, kenniscentrum en open podium

Om letterlijk ruimte te creëren voor dataprofessionals en in data geïnteresseerde ambtenaren, bewoners en partners van de gemeente Amsterdam is het DataLab op initiatief van rve Onderzoek, Informatie en Statistiek opgezet. Een fysieke werkplaats, kenniscentrum en open podium voor Amsterdam.

What is the goal of the project?

DataLab is a workshop, knowledge-center and open stage.

  1. Opening up government systems and registrations.
  2. Providing public API's for everyone.
  3. Fixxx urgent problems in creative ways
  4. Build internal and public Web Application's intergrating all of our API and improve information efficiency.
  5. Enable the coupling of machines and existing application's with the most up-to-date information.
  6. Provide a citizen personal website which show progress / status of all their interactions with the goverment of Amsterdam

What is the result of the project?

  1. show's a web interfacce to most of out API's.
  2. Atlas and soon to be public application which gathers all information needed for permit evaluation.
  3. Create and easy way access to all kinds of up-to-date government data
  4. Accelerate synergy
  5. Prevent duplication of work.
  6. Force transparency across in the organization
  7. Force transparency towards Amsterdam citizens.

Who initiated the project and which organizations are involved?

DataLab is an initiative of the department of "Onderzoek, Informatie en Statistiek" / Research Information and Statistics of Amsterdam.

What is the next step?

Add more data, Add more API's. Every few weeks more is added.
Let more internal applications work with the most up-to-date information.

What can other cities learn from your project?

Working with open source products does accelerate innovation and flexibility.
Teach people to not only read documentation but also go one step further and actual look in the source code!



Hi, any updates on this project? Is it inflight?

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Frederic Sanders

Hi there, is there anything happening already in this project?