Roadmap Circular Land Tendering

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With the Roadmap Circular Land Tendering, Amsterdam developed an instrument with which a contractor can secure circular building. The municipality will use the Roadmap this year and early next year for the issue of residential building plots and a non-residential building plot. Later, the instrument will also be used for tenders in the area of transformation, renovation and demolition.

The Roadmap will be evaluated later on based on the practical experience with the tenders. The municipality wants to contribute to the development of a national standard for circular building. From the evaluation, the recommendation also emerges whether and to what extent circular tendering will become policy in Amsterdam.

The Roadmap has been composed by Metabolic and SGS Search, together with the municipality, market parties and external experts.
You can find the Roadmap here:
Later on, probably after the evaluation, it will be translated in English.

Click here to read the roadmap (in Dutch)

What is the goal of the project?

To promote circular building