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With this application, we want to facilitate communication between citizens and the city hall. We want citizens to be actively involved in city development and problem solving by reporting issues directly through the application. The city hall can keep citizens informed about the infrastructure works that are taking place through constant updates. We also managed to eliminate a huge parte o birocracy through ANA, the only virtual public official based on artificial intelligence from Romania, it provides useful information to users about the services offered by public institutions. The application also supports local economics by enabling companies to list their vacancies jobs in the application, as well as promoting local products through a special section. The application wants to improve the cultural activity of the city so we constantly announce users about the cultural events that take place.

What is the goal of the project?

Reinventing communication methods through digitalisation of society through innovation and technology.

The quote we follow:

  • Before, democracy was a confrontation between two opposing values.
    ⁃ Now democracy is a conversation between many different values.
    ⁃ We must build a united democracy that is not diverted by ideology;
    ⁃ Build an effective democracy that responds to society and the economy;
    ⁃ Build a pragmatic democracy that takes care of people;
    Tsai Ing-wen/ Taiwan/2016

What is the result of the project?

  • The incidents reported by the users are resolved much faster, as they reach both the city hall and the local police communications department in real time.
  • With the AI public servent help, users get the real-time information they need without making additional visits to the institutions. This is a huge benefit for the both sides, and also this way we manage to decongest the urban traffic and agglomerations.
  • We centralized all available platforms for citizens to access them much easier (payment of taxes, urban planning requests, etc.)
  • We have improved the communication between citizens and the local city hall through the notifications sent (infrastructure works, important communications of general interest)
  • We have also been able to help local producers (eg farmers) to promote and sell their products so far they have had no such possibility.
  • We helped local companies by publishing job vacancies directly into the application at no cost
  • We've been able to attract more users to local events thanks to early information.
  • We continuously improve local tourism by promoting the city.

Who initiated the project and which organizations are involved?

Project initiator and manager: Ferencz Robert, CEO @ Unserver Business Solutions
Involved organizations: Tarnaveni City Hall

What is the next step?

The next step is to

  • integrate solutions for urban traffic efficiency
  • map implementation for selective waste collection info

What can other cities learn from your project?

  • Improving communication (making it more personal)
  • Eliminating bureaucracy
  • Giving the opportunity to the citizens to be directly involved to the city development process


Ferencz Robert's picture
Ferencz Robert

I'm glad to announce that the ios version is now available

Ferencz Robert's picture
Ferencz Robert

Thank you for your interest! Yes, at the moment the application is only in Romanian because it addresses the community of Tarnaveni City, Romania. The app is already launched for Android devices (soon for iOS), and the feedback is great. The project has so far achieved its intended purpose for the existing users. We are currently working on promoting the application amongst citizens.

Mario Tedde's picture
Mario Tedde

Hi Robert, great initiative and thanks for sharing!
Unfortunate my knowledge of the Romanian language is not that strong :)
Would like to hear how you run the project and when and how you validated the app.

Kind regards,
Mario Tedde